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F lorália was established in 1956 by Rolf Altenburg, who was intrigued by the cut orchid flowers his future son-in-law gave his daughter during this courtship. This interest soon developed into a passion and he formed his own orchid company, Florália. He was soon to become a pioneer cattleya hybridizer in the country of Brazil, and imported top breeding plants from the entire world. His hybrids of Bc. Pastoral, Blc. João Antonio Nicoli, C. Sonia Altenburg, Lc. Jose Dias Castro still rank with modern hybrids and are used extensively by breeders worldwide.

Sandra and her grandfather
Sandra Odebrecht  and Rolf Altenburg

As Rolf grew older, he passed on control of Florália to his son-in-law, Siewald Odebrecht. Siegwald loved all kinds of plants and flowers, and turned part of Florália into a garden center, where all types of flowers and plants could be purchased in a retail setting.

Today, Florália is run by the granddaughters of Rolf Altenburg, making it a third generation family run business.

Sandra at the laboratory


o u r    n u r s e r i e s

We have two growing areas, the first is in the city of Niterói, about 30 minutes from Copacabana area of Rio de Janeiro or Rio's international airport. Our nursery is more or less at sea level so our summers are very hot, and the winters temperate. Here we have our laboratory facilities, where we propagate species from Brazil as well as other countries and also hybrids. We grow our small seedlings here, as well as our warmer growing species. We also process and ship our orders from this nursery, so all orders and shipping inquires should be directed to this location.

Our second location is in the "Imperial City" of Petrópolis, about 2 ½ hours drive from central Rio de Janeiro. Petrópolis is located in the Organ Mountain Range, a spectacular set of granitic rocks. Our Nursery is located at an altitude of about 800 Meters (2500 ft.) Here it is much cooler than in Niterói, so we grow the majority of our plants here as well especially intermediate and cool varieties and established seedlings.

aerial view
aerial view of the Petrópolis nursery

Niterói's greenhouse

We welcome visits to our nurseries, but we ask that you contact us first if possible and let us know when you are coming as our greenhouses are not normally open to the public. You should contact us by either letter, fax or e-mail at least one month prior to your visit.

If you wish to get plants from our greenhouses, you can do it in one of two ways: either by sending us an advance order from our catalog, with at least one months notice before the pick-up, or, if you wish to pick out plants, please remember that we will have to obtain a CITES certificate for the plants. This document takes about 20-30 days for us to obtain, so in this case we would have to ship the plants at a later date. Remember, also, that many countries require an import permit for orchids, so please check to see before you order if you require one.

Please note that due to Brazilian law we cannot combine shipments of our plants with plants obtained from other nurseries. Also, please remember that it is illegal for anyone to take orchids from the wild. Therefore, we cannot obtain CITES for these plants.

o u r     a d d r e s s e s

N i t e r ói

P e t r óp o l i s

Estrada da Florália, 592
Niterói, RJ

Rua Maestro Octavio Maul, 1700
Bairro of Samambaia
Petrópolis, RJ




Estrada da Florália, 592
NITERÓI - RJ - 24.001-970
ph:  55-21-2627-7733
fax: 55-21-2627-7802
E-mail: florbra@attglobal.net
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